Stories Across The City Landscape

a hawk feeds
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This winter day offered a spectacular view of a young hawk feeding on a sparrow at the back of the garden. It didn’t appear to be concerned with anything but its meal. Even a squirrel wandering within reach posed no … Read More

driftwood creatures
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The weather was very rainy when we were camping in the Gaspé region of Quebec. While out walking along the lakeshore one afternoon, I came across a number of massive piles of driftwood. Embedded in the driftwood shapes -strange creatures. … Read More

grabbin’ grubs
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With the arrival of the first robin comes the ritual assault on the local earth-worm population. This spring day I was working in the garden when an eager robin jumped into the freshly turned earth less than a metre away. … Read More

raccoon city
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They’re as much at home in this city as you or I. Once they confined their ramblings to the night. No more. They’ve claimed their territory and wander it freely. The urban landscape has become, most definitely, their Raccoon City. … Read More

symbiotic invasion
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Both are alien to this city.  Both, invasive. Both stretch their tendrils across vast underground webs, consuming moisture, and nutrients. Yet, they were planted with abandon in the past specifically because they grew so quickly, luxuriantly, in their new domains. Welcome … Read More

baby blue jays
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It was about six o’clock on a mid-July morning as I walked the gardens of our Victorian-era home when I came across a sight I had never seen before, or witnessed since. And it occurred right in my own backyard. … Read More

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