a hawk feeds

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This winter day offered a spectacular view of a young hawk feeding on a sparrow at the back of the garden. It didn’t appear to be concerned with anything but its meal. Even a squirrel wandering within reach posed no threat to this bird of prey.
These birds appear to be the juvenile “sharped-shinned hawk,” although the “cooper’s hawk” young are very similar.
Living near a major naturalized park and waterway system offers these accipiters plenty of space to roam and prey while having tree cover to raise young.
So, it is was not unusual to see a hawk in the backyard, or on the main street. Typically, it was one bird, and typically a young one.
With the arrival of the hawk, the bird chatter around the feeder stops, dead quiet. It is some time before the sparrows and juncos feel secure enough to return.
The only evidence of the feeding hawk? Some scattered feathers.

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